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SHIKOKU JAPAN 88 Route Guide SHIKOKU JAPAN 88 Route Guide

■Table of Contents■
  • Contents
  • Legend
  • Index Map
  • Shikoku Japan
  • What is the Shikoku Pilgrimage ?
  • Ku-kai (Ko-bo- Daishi)
  • Useful Information
  • Proper etiquette at a temple
  • Oaths and Commandments
  • Basic Information on Buddhist Statues
  • Pilglim Attire and other items
  • What to Take
  • Pilgrim Glossary
  • Access
  • Maps
  • Practical Phrases
  • List of Public Information Associations

Price: 1,524+ tax yen
Size: B6size192pages
Written by:Tateki Miyazaki(宮崎建樹), Henromichi Hozon Kyoryokukai(へんろみち保存協力会)
Project Consultant &Translator : David C. Moreton
Publisher:Buyodo Co.Ltd.(武揚堂)

This book contains information on such topics as food and lodging most useful for walking pilgrims. This book aims at worldwide introduction of the Shikoku pilgrimage.

A Journey of the Soul A Journey of the Soul

Size: 15.2 cm X 22.9 cm (6 X 9 inches)
200 pages
Glossary of various terms, list of notable people.
map of Shikoku pilgrimage route.
numerous black and white photographs of various temples dating as early as 1927
one page explanation of each temple
with Brief History, Sights and Stories, Distance to next temple. 

Essay on the Shikoku Pilgrimage written by David C. Moreton.

This is a new guide to the eighty-eight temples along the Shikoku pilgrimage route based 
on a book, written in Japanese, entitled Kokoro no Utsuwa, by Tatsuro Muro in 2007.


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Le pèlerinage de Shikoku Un guide
Shikoku District Transport Bureau
Japan National Tourism Organization
Tokushima pref.
Kochi pref.
Ehime pref.
Kagawa pref.

International Airport

Narita International Airport
Chubu International Airport
Kansai International Airport



Personal experiences of Shikoku Pilgrimage

My Diary of Pligrimage in Shikoku Island :This is filled with the author's rich experiences.



Other Pilgrimage Sites

Mundicamino :Spain Santiago de Compostela



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